Immune-Mediated and Metabolic Diseases

About Immune-Mediated and Metabolic Diseases

Immune-mediated systemic diseases, such as autoimmune disease, and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and liver disease, are generally chronic conditions that impair quality of life and lead to significant healthcare expenditures. In aggregate, immune-mediated and metabolic diseases afflict in excess of millions of individuals worldwide.

Given the complex pathophysiology of systemic immune-mediated and metabolic disorders, therapy often requires combinations of drugs with distinct mechanisms of action. As such, we believe novel product candidates for immune-mediated and metabolic diseases are in high demand.

Our RASP modulator platform represents a potential novel therapeutic approach for a variety of common diseases. We are not aware of any other company actively developing therapeutics that target RASP. Because RASP appear to be involved in the generation and potentiation of inflammation in general, we believe the potential therapeutic applicability of RASP modulators is broad.