Pioneering development of medicines for immune-mediated and metabolic diseases

Aldeyra's Mission

At Aldeyra, we are devoted to developing medications to enhance the well-being of patients dealing with immune-mediated and metabolic illnesses. Our portfolio of product candidates are designed to target the inhibition of inflammatory cells associated with both ocular and systemic ailments, filling the gaps left by existing treatments. Through multiple ongoing clinical trials, our singular objective is to empower patients in achieving healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Our focus is on developing next-generation medicines for unmet needs.

With investigational therapies in late-stage clinical testing, we continue to advance toward our goal of bringing to market novel medicines for immune-mediated conditions not adequately addressed by current treatments.

Our Science: Restoring Balance Utilizing Novel Mechanisms of Action

Our approach is to develop pharmaceuticals that modulate immunological systems, instead of directly inhibiting or activating single protein targets, with the goal of optimizing multiple pathways at once while minimizing toxicity.